Connecting Hearts is committed to a better future for all children of prisoners. Because they deserve exactly the same rights, opportunities and prospects as all other children. Learn more about what drives us.
Our Goals

Our Goals

Connecting Hearts wants to raise the awareness of the whole society, empower the affected children, create positive memories and improve the children's lives. To give them good prospects for the future.


Connecting Hearts promotes international projects and initiatives that use commitment and good ideas to improve the lives of children of prisoners. We support the supporters, the encouragers, the trainers and those who help them build the strength with financial resources and a worldwide network.

Connecting Hearts

Foundation for Children of Prisoners

How does a child feel when he or she tries to understand that a parent has been sentenced to prison for a while? Deeply saddened on the one hand about the renunciation of closeness and about what may have happened there. On the other hand, they pragmatically search for their good way of life – just as children always manage to do, despite being hurt. Far too little attention is paid to the situation of these innocent children throughout society.

Let’s talk more about these vulnerable children, take their needs more seriously, and pave the way for a brighter future for them.

The Issue

Over 2 million children
of prisoners

Unfortunately, the imprisonment of a person is always also a punishment for his or her family. Thus, in Europe today, more than 2 million children grow up with at least one parent serving time in a penal institution. Connecting Hearts wants to prevent these children from falling into a vicious circle.

The Foundation

Let's give the children good prospects!

Connecting Hearts launched in 2022 to connect people and projects working on behalf of children of prisoners. Our shared goal is to make a tangible difference in the lives of children of prisoners. Learn more about us here, get to know us – and let’s achieve more together.

The Founder

„A good future for the children is close to our hearts”

Behind Connecting Hearts are many personalities with very different backgrounds who form a strong international network. The foundation was established on the initiative of Oliver Drews, CEO of the Telio Group.

Support us too!

Together with you we can achieve more

With your help we can improve the lives of the affected children step by step. Every small donation helps. Every idea for exciting projects moves us forward together. Every generous support and partnership is important to us. Learn more about the many ways you can help Connecting Hearts with its social commitment here.


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We will be happy to keep you up to date, regularly present exciting projects and report on successful events or new political developments in our cause.

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