Our Mission

All children belong in our midst.

We take the needs of children of prisoners seriously.
Learn more about what we are trying to achieve for the children of prisoners.

Our Vision

Connecting Hearts
in the best sense

We are committed to a better future for all children of prisoners. We want to ensure that they have exactly the same rights and opportunities as all other children.
Society must stand up for them, take them seriously and support them in every possible way in their special needs in order to prevent them from falling into a vicious circle.

Our Mission

Connecting Hearts promotes international projects and initiatives that use commitment and good ideas to improve the lives of children of prisoners.
We support the supporters, the trainers and those who help them build the strength, and thus all the wonderful children who have been talked about far too little up to now.
If your initiative aligns with the purpose of our foundation and you share our values, you are in the right place. Write to us, apply: We want to gain more supporters and support your work with our resources as well as our worldwide network and know-how as much as possible.

Our Goals

Goal 1

Attract attention

1.) We inform the public and discuss this important issue with representatives from all sectors of society in order to increase the pressure on politicians – children need action!
2.) We promote research that enables evidence-based policy-making with regard to dealing with the special needs of children whose parents are in prison.
3.) Because of their vulnerability, children must be considered a separate target group. Therefore, we want to build a public lobby for them and their families that perceives and represents their needs.
4.) We de-taboo the issue of being a child of a convicted offender.
5.) We allocate funds for the implementation of assistance and support projects for children of prisoners.

Goal 2

Improve the lives of children

1.) Promote the integration of children and their families and support initiatives focused on this target group.
2.) Promote the physical, mental and social development of these children in a sustainable manner.
3) Create a platform for exchange between these children and aid organizations so that they can seek help when needed.
4.) Develop and implement standards that support the children and their incarcerated parent, such as with care centers that offer help from psychologists and social workers.
5.) Support organizations that provide food, clothing and – if necessary – shelter.

Goal 3

Strengthen the children

1.) Help children overcome the obstacles they face due to the incarceration of a parent.
2.) Ensure that children have the same rights as all other children, as stated in a 2018 Council of Europe Committee of Ministers recommendation.
3.) Implement measures that protect children of prisoners from all forms of violence.

Goal 4

Create positive memories

1.) Whenever it is in the best interest of the child, family reunification should be encouraged to allow children to develop into happy citizens.
2.) Promote a good and healthy relationship between children and the incarcerated parent.
3.) Improve the conditions
under which children can visit their parent, for example, by establishing child-friendly visiting and waiting areas, providing age-appropriate information materials, and adjusted visiting hours.
4.) Creating sufficient and child-friendly opportunities for contact with the incarcerated parent – this benefits both.